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The Encourage Literacy Program

My name is Alexa Young

As a child, I delighted in escaping into inspiring stories. The characters I related to gave me the courage I needed to become the woman I am today. As we know, sharing stories was the beginning of passing down knowledge, and from this came literacy in all its fabulous forms. Not every kid can get behind a textbook and gleefully relay the information within. But all kids hold dear the stories of the characters that speak to their hearts, including epic stories about life outside this world, stories about myth and magic!


Education is so broad, and kids are eager to learn. The necessary tools for development shouldn't cost an arm and a leg! 


Why not give students stories worth reading—stories that inspire their developing characters for years to come, stories that are parent approved?

School faculty members, authors, and literary agents, join the cause and sign up for author events, today!


In the vast landscape of education, one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our students is the love for reading. It's a skill that transcends textbooks and syllabi, opening doors to worlds unknown and fostering imagination that knows no bounds. Yet, in today's world, where distractions abound and attention spans waver, how do we reignite this passion for the written word? The answer lies in innovative approaches, and one such method is the transformative power of virtual author events.


Imagine a world where one in four young adults struggles with basic reading skills. It's a staggering reality that calls for action. Traditional methods of promoting literacy, while effective to some extent, often lack the spark to engage today's students fully. Libraries brimming with books, teachers tirelessly imparting knowledge, and students dutifully turning pages—there had to be more.


In this digital age, we have the opportunity to bring authors directly into our classrooms, virtually. Imagine the impact of a bestselling author sharing insights, passion, and the magic of storytelling with students. These events breathe life into literature, making characters leap off the page and stories come alive in the minds of young readers.


For teachers and administrators, these author-led sessions are not just events; they are invaluable resources. They offer fresh perspectives on storytelling, innovative literacy promotion techniques, and strategies to captivate even the most reluctant readers. It's professional development that sparks creativity and rejuvenates teaching methods.


At the forefront of this movement is Encourage Literacy, founded by the visionary author JK Noble. These events are not only free but meticulously curated to be age-appropriate, engaging, and free from any content concerns. It's about pure literary inspiration, devoid of political bias or inappropriate material.


Educators, it's time to join the movement. Enroll your schools, inspire your colleagues, and watch as your classrooms transform into hubs of imagination and learning. Let's create a world where every student embraces the magic of literature and discovers the joy of reading.


In the wise words of George R.R. Martin, "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." Let's empower our students to live those thousand lives, to dream boundlessly, and to unlock their unlimited potential through the pages of a book. Enroll in Encourage Literacy Author Events with JK Noble and be part of a journey that transcends education—it's about igniting a lifelong love for learning.

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
 -Frederick Douglass

The gift of literacy not only opens portals to other worlds but also teaches its readers. Knowledge has been passed down through literature for thousands of years. In this day and age we can find books and various other texts that include an infinite number of topics. Through these works, problems and solutions have evolved and so have our level of thinking. But, sadly, not everyone has or had the privilege of education. 

Literacy should be a fundamental human right, however countless circumstances are preventing people all around the world from reaching their full potential.


If the art of literature was born more than five thousand years ago, it should have long since been attainable to all people.

Benefits of Literacy

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School faculty including teachers and principals across the U.S. can request author events for their students for no cost!

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