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Llama Me Baby

Don't you just adore llamas?


You must admit, llamas have style! From their long feathery lashes to their curling wool, llamas deserve their spotlight as fabulous creatures. Their gentleness and friendliness only add to the allure, not to mention they are wonderful models! I mean—have you seen a llama pose for the camera? They are just fancy!

Llama Me Baby is a growing series of NFT collections with various themes reimagined as llamas. All  LMB NFT's are hand-drawn. Many of the Llama Me Baby NFT's are also animations. For example, the Mickey Collection—based on Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse movies—is a collection of short clips that represent the corresponding movies!

LMB's purpose is bringing people together. LMB sponsors the Encourage Literacy program that gives books to young children.

By using the example of a llama, we display unity across the globe through familiar people and franchises we all know and love. LMB will continue to reimagine beloved icons, real and fictional, with a llama flair!

Our newest addition, "Fancy Cozy" supports the Encourage Literacy Foundation which gives free books to young students.
It is only .0008 ETH.
There are 100k copies world wide. 
Get yours today.
Support the Cause.

Collection 1

Llama Me Baby... Cause Llamas Are Fancy

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Collection 2

LMB - Universal

Earth as a planet is full of boundless life and beauty. 

Isn't it incredible how our world has developed from one giant landmass to seven continents? As of now, there are one hundred ninety-seven countries in the world! That is nearly two hundred different nations with their own customs, cultures, languages, laws, and belief systems. With that said, each rich nation is as valuable as its neighbors, and it is time we acknowledge our stunning and vast human realm. 

This collection celebrates ALL people of the world with a high-quality art piece depicting llamas whose skin resembles all the flags of each country. 

Collection 3

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LBM - Winnie de Llama

This collection is inspired by the beloved books, shows, and movies of "Winnie the Pooh". It is a franchise that's lived on through generations. What better way to keep all that goodness alive than to celebrate everything it stands for! Find the animated versions in OpenSea!

Collection 4


LBM - Mickey de Llama

This collection is inspired by the original Mickey films, Gallopin' Gaucho, Plane Crazy, Steamboat Willie, Karnival Kid, The Band Concert, and Brave Little Tailor. This ever-growing collection is made of animated short films that perfectly represent the film it corresponds to.