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Enjoy Your Favorite Series As a Graphic Novel!


The Rise of the Griffins

A Young Adult Fantasy novel, ages 12 and up. 

Carly’s mouth is slick with blood as she manages her last words to her sixteen-year-old brother, Hale:

“Never take off your amulet. It is the only thing protecting you now.”


Though Hale desperately wished to heed Carly’s warning, it seems he cannot hide from his destiny. The loss of Hale’s pendant sends him into a violent world of magic where he discovers he isn’t a human at all, but a Griffin with supernatural talents. There is something he finds familiar about the all-powerful Griffin King, Bayo. As they grow close, Hale can't deny their connection. On his journey to self-discovery, he must learn why he and the rest of the young Griffins were brought to the Griffin Clan, the truth behind his family’s tragic deaths, and how he and Bayo are connected.


Dive into Hale: The Realm of the Griffins, a world that is filled with magic, adventure, romance, magnificent shapeshifters, manipulative telepaths, a soul-stealing witch, woodland demons, nymphs, a young prophet, and the vessel of a man-killing siren.

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