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Image by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭 1973

A Simple Lesson On How To Draw Book

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Books are a great source of knowledge and learning. Even in today’s world, where digital learning is becoming popular, these objects still have their own importance. It is still considered one of the best gifts that you can give someone.

Learning how you can draw it is a very easy task, even for beginners. We will be discussing here how you can do so in the easiest way explained to you in the simplest words. The process would be discussed with you in elaborated steps that you can follow easily. You have a choice here to use a ruler or make the drawing without it.

Step 1 - Make The Outer Lines:

The simplest way to draw this object is to start by making a 3D rectangle or a rectangular prism. This would act the structure of this art upon which other details could be added to come up with the final results, therefore it is necessary that the width, height, and length of this should be in the right ratio.

You can make this using very light lines so that it could be erased for corrections to be made.

Step 2 - Drawing The Cover:

In the second stage, you have to draw a book cover inside the initial structure or frame that you just made. Additional lines can also be drawn in it to give thickness to the cover.

Next, draw a light curve for the back/binding area which is closer to the viewer’s perspective. From this point, make a line till the other end of the book (which is the upper area in the drawing). You also have to make the corner slightly round to add details to it.

Step 3 - Make The Corners Of The Cover Round:

Next, erase the drawing of construction and draw the edges of the book cover round.

Step 4 - Draw The Pages:

Make a combined shape inside the cover to show all the pages in it. These are fundamentally smaller blocks that are placed inside the cover. The area at the back of the book where the pages are glued will also have a slight curve that would resemble the curve in the front. So, the front corners of the page stack are to be drawn with slight curves as well.

Step 5 - Drawing The Joints:

This step involves the addition of a small indent, which symbolizes the joint that keeps the book joined from the top to bottom at the backside. A line is to be drawn between the top indents to reflect the whole area as indented.

Step 6 - Additional Hints And Finalization:

Next, you can make some short light lines at the sides of pages to give the details of multiple pages that are a part of it.


Books are a very common object, the drawing of which is based on simple shapes. With the help of this guide, you will get a great understanding of how to draw a book. Drawing a book is great practice for individuals that are just at the beginning of their journey of becoming an artist.

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