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Literary Titan Review of HALE: The Prophet's Journal


In Hale: The Prophets Journal, the second book of J.K. Nobles’ riveting fantasy series, readers find the newly emerged griffin Hale, just barely evading the grasp of his mentor Bayo, as the shadow of death persistently trails behind him. Alongside his pack brothers, River and Evan, the trio embarks on a perilous journey filled with uncertainty and daunting odds, seeking both solace and tranquility. Guided only by the wisdom within Felix’s journal and often mired by the internal discord between River and Evan, they must navigate a world where they are not the only forces at play.

The narrative unfolds directly after the events of “Hale: The Rise of the Griffins” and plunges readers into a realm teeming with mythical beasts, enchanting magic, and enigmatic monsters. This world, accessible and captivating to readers of all ages, provides a thrilling backdrop for the characters’ struggles with the consequences of their prior choices.

Nobles’ writing is engaging, and her characters are genuinely intriguing. The novel offers readers a fun and well-crafted ride through the various perspectives, allowing a unique view into the character’s thoughts and feelings. However, this multiplicity of viewpoints occasionally detracts from the overall cohesiveness, at times making it challenging to keep track of the intricate plotlines and complex relationships.

J.K. Noble has cemented herself as a must-read author for high-fantasy enthusiasts, crafting a world that resonates with vibrancy and intrigue. The enthralling narrative and well-etched characters create an experience that keeps readers firmly gripped, eagerly awaiting the moment when all pieces fall into place. Although I feel there is an occasional overload of detail, the world’s richness and the storytelling’s depth more than compensate.

Hale: The Prophets Journal leaves readers yearning for what Noble has next in store for both Hale and the reader. It’s a worthwhile journey for those who wish to lose themselves in a world of fantastical wonder and engaging storytelling.

The Prophet's Journal will be released in November 2023, but you can BUY NOW EXCLUSIVELY AT: !

JK Noble

JK Noble | Author | Artist | Philanthropist

Published author of the new YA Fantasy Series, HALE.

Creator of the LMB franchise and the Encourage Literacy Foundation.


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