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Image by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭 1973

Monster Art

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Hello everybody! Let's talk Monsters! Now we got our mythical creatures; the plain old mermaids, dragons, and unicorns- but how many times has that been overdone in literature? I don't know about you, but I would like to see more unique creatures/ monsters in the fantasy novels I read, that are both believable and beautiful! So here is one that I've invented and I call her a Woodland Demon!

This beautiful, eerie monster features in my YA Epic Fantasy Novel, HALE! And her part in the book was- by far- one of the funnest scenes I wrote! When I imagined the Woodland Demon, I thought of her to be quite the trickster; posing as a plain fruit tree somewhere in the woods. The sweet perfume her fruits would give off were simply hypnotizing, and no living creature (animal or human) could fight off its seduction. But why does the Woodland Demon wish to seduce ordinary creatures? Well, that is something your going to have to read for yourself in the book!

JK Noble | Author | Artist | Philanthropist

Published author of the new YA Fantasy Series, HALE.

Creator of the LMB franchise and the Encourage Literacy Foundation.


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