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Review from Inkish Kingdom for HALE: The Rise of the Griffins

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

A secret hidden in multiple stories, events of magical proportions twisting around

treason and deception, JK Noble brings "Hale: The Rise of the Griffins" a new debut fantasy worth reading.

Someone has kidnapped Hale and his sister. After months of being caged and treated like

vermin, they managed to escape, but a mysterious force threw them into a fantasy world.

Narrated through four different stories, the reader dives into a diverse and unique world of

magic, creatures, violence, and ever lingering dangers. Through magic never seen before, Hale

discovers that he is more than just a regular human, he is a griffin, and the new world that

adopts him is as violent as it looks, and he shouldn't trust everybody.

In an ambitious style, Noble puts together this fantasy debut novel by telling four different

parenthetical stories. The story begins with a secret mission and magical abilities. While in the

next chapter, the author changes the setting and introduces characters with no background

besides the initial premise of the novel. With clear intentions at hand, Nobel prepares the reader

to understand the complex change of scenery, actions, and points of view while narrating the

same events through different eyes that will be a common factor throughout the story.

Following the same motions, Noble throws the reader and Hale into a new world without

warning and explanation, which adds dynamism to the novel as both, reader and main character,

discover together what Hale is, his purpose, and the intentions of the kingdom. However,

contrary to Hale, the author gives the reader a few hints and facts, primordial for the climax. As

Hale finds his way and tries to understand what is going on, with quite an ease, the reader might

encounter the whole ordeal overwhelming and confusing until the author introduces a new story

to the formula.

As the author gives the story more stability and solid ground, the reader can follow a new and

uncomplicated storyline of mythical creatures that will play an essential role in the story's

resolution. JK Noble builds a fantasy world with no limits nor restrictions when the characters go

back and forth between realms, intentions, and storylines, without ignoring the time gaps

between chapter to chapter.

However, violence takes over with a brutal force of treason, fights for life, and the truth when

the reader manages to put together the evident clues and the actions while the story

approaches its conclusion. All of the stories and build-up come up clashing with one another

with unfortunate results; however, the ending leave us wondering that more is coming, and we

definitely want more.

An ambitious novel. An intricate mix of magic, energy, creatures, and hope are simple words to describe the incredible work of "Hale: The Rise of the Griffins."

- Inkish Kingdom Reviews


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