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Image by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭 1973

Episode 1: The Art of Story Telling: Crafting Worlds With The Pen's Sorcery

In this podcast episode, I will be introducing listeners to the art of writing a novel by sharing insights on the structure of a story by dividing it into three categories: beginning, middle, and end.

I will explain why identifying your main character is important as well as the disruptive problem they face, and the impact it has on their life and the world around them. What is the role of v illains and the significance of the climax in showcasing the hero's journey. We will dive deep into how you can create a well crafted character by constructing their character development, physical attributes, mental characteristics, quirks, and conflicting traits. Why are flaws and quirks so important when creating a relatable and lovable character? The episode concludes by discussing the character's worldview and self-perception, offering a glimpse into their journey of change and growth. Stay tuned for future episodes exploring further steps in the writing process.

JK Noble | Author | Artist | Philanthropist

Published author of the new YA Fantasy Series, HALE.

Creator of the LMB franchise and the Encourage Literacy Foundation.


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