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Image by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭 1973

Llama Me Baby... Cause Llamas Are Fancy! NFT: "Queen of Hearts"

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Welcome to this NFT collection, Llama Me Baby... Cause Llamas Are Fancy!

Don't you just adore llamas?

You must admit, llamas have style! From their long feathery lashes to their curling wool, llamas deserve their spotlight as fabulous creatures. Their gentleness and friendliness only add to the allure, not to mention they are wonderful models! I mean—have you seen a llama pose for the camera? They are just fancy!

Here is the third piece of this unique collection called, “Queen of Hearts”, inspired by the VOGUE cover of Adele!

The gorgeous shot was taken by Alasdair McLellan in the autumn of 2021. Adele is styled in an emerald, Valentino Haute couture dress, a sleek and low bun created by Akki Shirakawa showcases her lavish earrings. Her stunning face sparkles in the light of California's setting sun, showcasing natural glam by Frankie Boyd.

Adele's stud earrings by Cartier, "Reflection de Cartier" are made with white gold and diamonds and cost eighteen thousand four hundred dollars. Her "High jewelry" hoop earrings by Cartier cost three hundred fourteen thousand dollars.

But the most priceless piece of all is not mentioned in the photograph's caption, and it is Adele's gold bracelet. After some inconclusive research, the brand of the bracelet was still a mystery.

However, in the other images in the spread, Adele seems to wear the same bracelet while changing other pieces for various shots. To my surprise, the other side of the mysterious bracelet was revealed.

Low and behold, on the golden plaque is engraved with a name. "Angelo". The name of Adele's son.

The golden chain has suddenly increased its meaning, for it is now a memorable, honorable, and priceless piece that deserves mention as a symbol of a mother's boundless love. This strong statement, humbly unpublicized but worn proudly, brings Adele’s son into these photos alongside her.

To keep the art as true to my muse as possible, I have kept the interesting details some might rather look over, like Adele's tattoo on her wrist, which reads, "ONE PENNY". The tattoo is a tribute to Adele's mother, Penny.

In all forms of art, the pieces which stand out—especially in photography, are the pieces that convey a message or theme. It is in the way the model is positioned, their facial cues, the light, and the colors used which express the tone and themes. In these qualities, we the viewers, find ourselves emotionally moved. We may suddenly transport into any similar time in our lives where we have felt similarly to what the piece delivers. With this, we connect with any artist of any period. This is why art is so important, as it connects us despite the movement of time, the ever-changing tides of politics, and the divisions our species create between themselves.

Here in this piece, Adele is welcoming the warmth of the sun, atop a roof in California, wearing diamonds and a lavish dress. However, there is so much more to the photograph than that. Its symbolism greatly stands out, even though this is an editorial image. It showcases the strength of Adele's character, which is enhanced by the love of those closest to her, her mother, and her son. Magnificence pours out from her essence, and no matter where life leads, her core will stay true.

Adele has been described as a Queen of Hearts by Vanity Fair in 2016. The name is also mentioned in this issue of Vogue, "Adele on the Other Side", by writer Abby Aguirre—and I could not agree more. Adele is the queen of our hearts as she has touched all of us with her poetic and raw art. Thus, my piece will be called, “Queen of Hearts”.

While there are many forms of art, I have been fascinated by cartooning and animation since I was a child. This passion has grown with me as the years have rolled by. While it’s always been the dream to become an author and artist, I also wish to eventually pursue animation. Through animation and cartooning, we can bring life into inanimate objects, nature, animals, and so forth! We can enhance the meaning of life by creating relatable characters with infinite forms of movement, personalities, and stories ranging through the genres of realistic to fantastical. What is even more amazing is that these characters might not be something we would automatically relate to until their stories and characteristics unfold, like Garfield, or Hobbs, or even Snoopy. Enjoying diverse stories allows me to see my life with fresh perspectives. And so, it becomes a certain form of healing. It is this quality I am most keen on incorporating into all my pieces, whether literature or the other mediums I pursue.

My favorite childhood films celebrated fabricated forms of life, such as the (1996) Hunchback of Notre Dame's quirky gargoyles, or the thousands of unique alien species in the vast world of Treasure Planet (2002). And many of you might wonder if it is possible to relate to a chicken, and I shall answer, "Very much so. Have you met the Bladebeak from The Quest for Camelot (1998)?" What about dangerous jungle beasts? And I will retort with the brilliant examples of Tarzan's and Mowgli's adopted parents, the apes and wolves. We can then dive into the lovable demons and monsters of anime or infinite less popular stories. Because of this type of artistry, we relate to things that are different from us as we learn that all forms of life have a story, character, and heart. My love for this art has bled into my love for life and all of its facets.

Llamas, just like any animal and creature, are important to the ecosystem, and we should continue to fight to protect the creatures of the world and its natural wonders!

The collection, Llama Me Baby... Cause Llamas Are Fancy, will continue to reimagine such pieces depicting the most beloved and cherished icons with a llama flair! You can find this collection on Open Sea.


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