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Image by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭 1973

New Artwork!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Hi there!

I'm so excited to share my new artwork with you all. For those who are new here, welcome! I'm JK Noble, an author and artist. You might know me from my YA Fantasy, HALE: The Rise of the Griffins (keep a lookout for the sequel coming out soon), or from my NFT works called Llama Me Baby (LMB for short). Whatever brings you here, whether it be helpful writing blogs, drawing videos, a love for fantasy books, or a love for NFT's that serve a helpful purpose, I hope you enjoy the content.

As I've continued by projects in the LMB collections, it was my goal to keep in mind the theme and purpose of bringing people together through my work. In the universal collection, all flags of the world are represented. Likewise, the Mickey and Winnie de Llama collections are a play on popular franchises people across the decades know and love.

There will be so many more collections and surprises to come in the LMB collection. The first of them being this new piece that I call Fancy Cozy.

This piece is available on OpenSea with Unlockable Content! But most importantly, anyone can buy it as there are 100k copies and the price is only one dollar (or .0008 ETH) ! This NFT will support the Encourage Literacy Foundation which gives young students free books all across the United States.

The repeat animation of a comfortable reading room in winter is reminiscent of an ambient cabin. There are so many fun little details in this piece.

The titles on the bookshelf are all llama-themed versions of popular classics we know and love. Frankenstein and Dracula have been reinvented as Frankeinllama and Dracullama. Though I won't continue to spoil the other titles for your potential amusement. Right below the books on the last shelf, you will notice a plushy collection, all of which are llamas from the LMB: Universal Collection. There is one surprise here though, as the very first blue llama on the shelf is one NOT YET MINTED in OpenSea. It represents the flag of Earth with seven intertwining circles that represent the seven continents. Of all the flags in the world, this is my favorite for the symbolic unity it expresses.

Moving on, you might notice the mountain scape with apparent snowfall and clouds moving from right to left. Nearby on the small table, marshmallows appear at the surface of the hot chocolate and steam bounces from above. Even the mug has an extra little detail which reads "Llama Mama", because who doesn't love a detailed mug? As a personal mug collector, I felt a cute mug was a must-have here!

I'm sure most can tell that the wallpaper design is a tiled LMB logo. The spinning globe has a golden llama ornament at the very tip as well as the LMB logo in the center of the compass rose to perfectly represent the LMB: Universal collection.

Just above are hanging, single-bulb lights which are very fashionable in modern decor however, these come with a bit of a twist. The bulbs are, of course, shaped as llamas. I wondered if a bulb like this could exist in the real world, as we know glass can be blown into shapes, but could a more detailed shape of glass work as a functional light bulb? I'm not sure, but maybe in the future we could have a variety in the shapes of our bulbs (even though it is wildly unnecessary, haha). As a fun detail, the luminosity of these lights fade in and out.

And no home these days is complete without little homey wall decor with cute quotes about blessings, love, home, or family. The home we find ourselves in belongs to a very proud llama woman and her family, so therefore she is going to have fun little llama-themed sayings all around the house! In this section of her cozy library there is a plaque over the window reading, "Llamazing", because she is a llamazing llama mama. Right behind the moving rocking chair is a framed picture you might know... it is my very first piece from the original LMB collection which is named Love at Tiffany's.

For those of you who do not know, this piece was inspired by the "About Love" campaign for Tiffany's featuring Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z. Fun fact, Beyonce is the first African American woman to wear the iconic 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond! You can read more about the process of making this piece and the impactful love it represents in this blog right below.

Among the stack of books you will see in front of the rocking chair, you might find one very familiar. At the top of the stack is Hale: The Rise of the Griffins. And guess what? As a part of my Holiday giveaway, you can get the ebook for free in the Books Page of this website. Right below is the sequel, Hale: The Prophet's Journal, which is ready and waiting for publishing!

Be sure to watch this short clip with the sound on for full cozy effect!

And finally, sitting in the wooden rocking chair above the area rug is our fancy llama mama enjoying her night and reading her book. From her warm socks to her jewelry, to her long lashes, this llama is beautiful, proud, intelligent, cozy, and above all... she is fancy!

JK Noble | Author | Artist | Philanthropist

Published author of the new YA Fantasy Series, HALE.

Creator of the LMB franchise and the Encourage Literacy Foundation.


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